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The following map shows Nancy’s origins. 40% Scandinavia is the largest percentage. Compare this to Jeff’s map showing his origins (below this one). You can see that he is 88% British Isles, only 7% Scandinavia and he has no Central/South Asian like Nancy does. It will be fun to compare these results with Laura’s and Mom’s when they come in.

Nancy's map.png


Jeff's map.png



This following chart shows Nancy’s relatives. This is the “Family Finder” test. It shows people who have taken this test and who share the most chromosomes with me. I do not recognize any names here, but these are the closest. There are 110 pages of these relatives and their relationship goes farther and farther away. Laura and Mom should be the top listing on this chart when their results come in. Compare this to Jeff’s chart that follows.

Nancy's relatives.png


This is Jeff’s family finder below. The top name is his Great-Aunt Frances. She shares 344 chromosomes with Jeff. Frances is his father’s aunt. The second name is Susan. She is Jeff’s second cousin, I think through his dad’s side. The third name is Terry Mann…he is one of the cousins of Jeff’s dad. Jeff has communicated with all three who live in Alabama and Georgia…we’re going to meet Susan’s sister this summer when her family comes to visit Disneyland. We don’t know the other names, but Jeff has over 200 pages of cousins that extend farther and farther away. Some have e-mailed him and that is how he found out he is related to Laura Ingalls Wilder through one of his more distant cousins (2nd to 4th cousin) who shares 56 chromosomes with him.

Jeff's cousins.png

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